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What is it?

Classic arcade Lander, with a little twist. You get to set the speed at which you begin final approach. You also get to try to achieve orbit after a successful landing!
Test your skill at 4 different landing zones with multiple areas for landing in each one. A successful landing is worth 500 points, and is multiplied by the amount shown under the landing spot. Each landing spot is worth a different amount according to the difficulty of the landing.

Be sure to conserve as much fuel as possible, because after a successful landing, you have the chance for 2000 more bonus points if you can achieve orbit with the remaining fuel supply. If you do achieve orbit and still have a fuel supply left, the remaining fuel is then added to your final score.

See if you have what it takes to be an astronaut, and land successfully on the moon!


Current Version

Version 1.1

Updated release


How to Play

Rotate the device left or right to control the module, and use the right arrow for basic thrusters, or hold down both arrows for the Afterburner. Initial scene allows you to alter the speed and angle you will be traveling at for final approach. Once in final approach, guide the ship to one of the landing zones. Landing zones are worth different values, and the harder the landing, the more points you receive.



Q: Will there be any new levels or is this it?

A: This game is complete.


Q: How was this made?

A: A combination of GameSalad, Photoshop, Illustrator, an idea, a Mac and a Les Paul.


Q: Are there any more games?

A: There are 3 other games on the App Store. Boomtown Heights,  Rickety Rocket Lander, and Slay Bells



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