Boomtown Heights








What is it?

Tired of all the construction going on in Boom Town, you take on the role as the Boom Town Bomber. Bent on destroying any new building projects, you take to the construction sites, bringing down the monstrosities the evil land developers insist on erecting in your beloved town, ruining the beautiful skyline.

20 levels to test your physics, and puzzle skills, and bring down the unfinished buildings, and go for the toolbox bonus!


*Realistic Physics
*Easy and Fun to Play
*20 Levels of Gameplay
*High Score Tracking per Level
*Multiple Areas of Bomb Placement for Completing Levels

Current Version

Version 1.0

Initial release

How to Play

Drag and place a bomb on the screen in a position you think will bring the structure down below the required marked level. Press the plunger once you have placed a bomb, and watch the destruction!

You can drag the bomb anywhere on the play area, and if you aren’t happy with the placement, you can touch and drag the bomb to another location as many times as you want, until you press the plunger.

You must clear a level to proceed to the next.

The fewer the bombs it takes to bring down the building frames, the higher your score. And even though it is not required to finish a level, landing the toolbox on solid ground will reward you with a very large bonus!

Good Luck!



Q: Will there be any new levels or is this it?

A: Yes, there are plans for new levels.


Q: How was this made?

A: A combination of GameSalad, Photoshop, Illustrator, an idea, a Mac and a Les Paul.


Q: Are there any more games?

A: There are 3 other games on the App Store. Vector moon, Rickety Rocket Lander, and Slay Bells



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